The Happy Mind Workshop: Undoing our inner obstacles to happiness

An extraordinary one-day interactive workshop that will help you experience
a happier and more fulfilling life now.
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The driving question of our lives

How can we experience more happiness in our lives, more inner peace and joy? That is the driving question, the goal and motivation of everything we do.  We seek happiness for ourselves and others.

Happiness is our natural state of being

Happiness is an inner state of being, rather than an outer state of affairs. Furthermore, happiness is your natural state of being. Being happy is simply a matter of allowing your inner nature to express itself. Happiness is the reflection of true self-awareness. The quest for deep happiness is ultimately a spiritual journey as well as an emotional one.

The cause of unhappiness

When you are unhappy, it is because you are actively blocking your own natural happiness. What blocks your inner awareness are ideas you have inherited from your culture—ideas taken for granted as merely “the way things are.”  These ideas actually add elements of fear and conflict to the very fabric of your awareness, which colors every experience you can possibly have.

The Happy Mind focuses on the very roots of that way of thinking—the core beliefs that give rise to our negative, restrictive ideas. If you do not change your core beliefs, your mind will continue to sabotage your happiness.  The Happy Mind offers seven simple principles that provide the foundation for a radically new way of thinking. They undo your inner obstacles, and open you to a deeper experience of your own nature.  Happiness, of course, is not merely an idea.  But some ideas allow you to experience your inner happiness, while others block that awareness.

Practical and experiential tools

To change the very foundations of your unhappy thoughts is simple in theory.  But in practice, it can be challenging, since you have a lifetime of believing your old beliefs, and a lifetime of experience that validates and justifies them. And more, you live in a culture that unconsciously accepts those beliefs without question and reinforces them for you every day.

The Happy Mind Workshop is a practical and experiential exploration of the seven principles. Approximately two-thirds of the workshop time is devoted to active participation. Using partner exercises, writing exercises, guided meditations and group discussion, the workshop makes these core beliefs come alive in your own life, and enables you experience your full potential for happiness. An extensive workbook is provided, which includes workshop notes, practical exercises and a seven-week follow-up program.

The atmosphere of the workshop is accepting rather than confrontational. With humor and compassion, you discover that happiness itself is the way to happiness—you don’t have to suffer in order to grow.

What you will gain

You will leave the workshop knowing that you can transform any experience of your life—even experiences from your past.  Knowing that you can experience light and love, peace and joy in any moment and any situation. Knowing that you are free of the limitations from your past, and that every now is a creative moment of infinite possibility.  Where “knowing” does not mean a merely intellectual knowledge, but the immediate deep knowing that comes from your own direct experience of your inner truth.

Who can benefit

This workshop is for all ages, from young adults through seniors—everyone wants to experience peace and joy. It can be especially helpful for those in healing or helping or teaching professions, not only allowing you to be happier but giving you tools to help those you serve. It is also valuable for those in the corporate sector, since the key to any productive and harmonious workplace is people who are living happiness from the inside out, rather than trying to somehow take it or get it from others.

The Presenters

Dr. William Yoder has doctorates in both philosophy and chiropractic, and has 10 years of university teaching experience. Dr. Mary Yoder is a doctor of chiropractic, and is certified in Reconnection healing. She is also a certified Nutritional Consultant, and a certified Life Coach. In 1987, they established Chiropractic Family Care, where they currently practice Network Chiropractic. They have extensive experience in public speaking and in facilitating workshops on health, human potential, and spirituality. Their teaching style combines wisdom, compassion and humor. Dr. William Yoder has published two critically acclaimed books:  Lighted Clearings For The Soul, and most recently The Happy Mind.

Do you feel “stuck” in life?
Do you feel like a slave to your past?
Do you feel like your happiness depends on someone or something else changing?
Do you feel like you have to struggle to “earn” or “deserve” or “achieve” happiness?
Do you want to experience more peace, more love, more joy, and more abundance, not just sometime in the future, but right now?

In this one day workshop, you will gain:

  • The freedom to choose happiness in every moment and every situation.
  • The knowledge and the techniques to shift to happiness whenever you are unhappy.
  • The ability to genuinely forgive yourself and others.
  • The inspiration to passionately realize your dreams, free of guilt and struggle and sacrifice.
  • The realization that your capacity to give and receive love is limitless.

Comments from past workshops with Bill and Mary

“I found this workshop to be a major step in my transformational journey..”
“I learned that I really can change, which I never truly believed.”
“I am free to discover me!!”
“Happiness is not a result of what happens to me, but a result of how I respond to what happens.”
“This workshop is a stretching exercise for the soul — enabling growth, acceptance, and love.”
“I came away more in love with myself and with the possibilities of life! You will change!”
“When you start seeing with new eyes, it’s quite extraordinary what is now made visible.”
“I came away with an increased ability to forgive others quickly, as I came to understand that unforgiveness holds me in bondage”
“I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin.”
“I wake in the morning with a new energy. An energy that has no doubt that I can handle anything that comes my way. Empowered with new energy, the clearing that has been created is bringing great and wonderful opportunities into my life faster than I had imagined possible.”
“This class was like a booster cable giving me a jump start to get on with my life.”
“Getting to the heart of what matters.”
“This course gives the best gift you can ever receive … your life!”
“This workshop goes beyond the typical
personal growth and self-empowerment workshops. It offers an experiential spiritual foundation that makes everything else make sense.”
“I found me! I found me!”

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