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All of us want to be happy. The Happy Mind is a powerful roadmap for how to get there. —Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love

William Yoder has written a very important book that will be of immense help to countless readers.—Hugh Prather, author of Morning Notes: 365 Meditations to Wake You Up.

The Happy Mind helps us to become aware of the presence of love, which is our natural inheritance. And that awareness is the very essence of happiness. Dr. Yoder’s seven principles remove our internal obstacles, and allow us to reclaim inner peace and joy. —Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, author of Love is Letting Go of Fear.

An insightful and easy-to-read happiness support system—Dr. Yoder empowers his readers to create a life of inner peace. —Barry Neil Kaufman, author of Happiness is a Choice, and Co-Founder of the Option Institute & Autism Treatment Center of America.

Happiness seems natural to children, but as we “grow up,” we seem to lose this awareness and go on an endless search for this elusive gift. What happened to it? Where did it go? Nowhere. Happiness is our inheritance and needs only to be uncovered, not recreated. Through The Happy Mind, Bill Yoder offers us steps to uncover the gift of happiness that still abides within our hearts. —Beverly Hutchinson McNeff, Founder of Miracle Distribution Center, worldwide contact point for A Course in Miracles.

According to the author, if we can hold in consciousness the non-dual reality of Love as Source until consciousness transcends duality, and if we engage in recommended practices, we will experience and sustain a quality of joy known as happiness. I recommend this book to all persons on a spiritual path. —Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. author of Couples Companion: Meditations and Exercises for Getting the Love You Want.

Lucid, like a deep pool in which you can see right to the bottom: that is the way I would describe William Yoder’s new book, The Happy Mind. No jargon, no cant, just a rare simplicity that offers a profound message to transform all living. This book will open doors that have been sealed shut for years and transform the reader’s whole mode of being. It is not just to be recommended; it is a must. —Jay G. Williams, Professor of Religious Studies, author of The Path and Its Power, and The Secret Sayings of Ye Su.

Happiness is something that can be attained with the right drive and determination. The Happy Mind: Seven Principles to Clear Your Head and Lift Your Heart is a thoughtful collection of wisdom and insight from William Yoder, who presents a combination of western and eastern philosophy with the goal of finding what one’s true happiness and making choices that will maintain that happiness. The Happy Mind is a thoughtful read with much to ponder, highly recommended. —Midwest Book Review

We all have unconscious recipes for happiness that rarely bring us to our goal. To be happy regardless of your circumstance is the key to spirituality, wellness and relationships. William Yoder gets us beyond our mythology of happiness to help us find practical ways to experience and sustain it. —Dr. Donald Epstein, author 12 stages of Healing, and Healing Myths Healing Magic.

It’s the promise of the ages, a happy mind—and Dr. Yoder delivers on the promise. In these uplifting pages, he distills metaphysical insights and philosophical wisdom into seven practical, useful directives that real people can use in the real world and end up with ‘happy’ as their default mode. —Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life.

William R. Yoder, Ph.D., has written a delightful guide to The Happy Mind skillfully facilitating our movement into the moment when the choice for happiness is made. I appreciated his use of the basic principles of A Course in Miracles along with the teaching of the mystics. —Jon Mundy, Ph.D., author and editor of Miracles magazine.

This is a page-turner! But not like a mystery is… Instead, an aura of peacefulness settles down with me whenever I read it… an odd, lovely feeling, especially these days. Bill’s articulate wisdom has created a powerful system of finding “rightness with the world” and ourselves, and he makes it as clear as a meditation bell how to remember that this feeling is our natural state of being. My happy mind and heart are grateful to have received this precious bounty that was mine all along. —Prue Berry, served 27 years as Executive Director and Host of U.U. Rowe Camp and Conference Center.

I loved the passionate way that Dr. Bill brought to the forefront how the mind works, and why we all deserve a “Happy Mind.” In particular, on page 63, “One helpful way to think about this is that there is a ‘place’ in your mind, a dimension of consciousness, a state of awareness where happiness is always available.” Millions of people need to know this! Too many fall victim to the belief that while others may be happy, it’s just not their fate. Dr. Bill explains quite beautifully that happiness is available for EVERYONE, and he shows us quite simply, how to get there. This book rocks! —David Essel, M.S., Radio/Television host, author of 5 books including Slow Down: the Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want (Hay House).

The Happy Mind delivers! Bill Yoder is on to something big in his thoughtful examination of our shared quest for happiness in life. Well grounded and practical, this book is eminently useful to those of us open to making happiness a choice. I wish I had read it years ago! —The Rev David S. Blanchard, UU Church of Canton NY.

The Happy Mind is an excellent work that presents the basic universal truths in clear, simple and innovative ways, and allows us to reclaim our birthright of love and happiness.  —Carol Howe, author of Never Forget To Laugh.

Rather than write about his book, I would like to say a few words about Bill Yoder. Not only is he happy, but he is a very kind man and he is a healer. He gave up his prestigious college professorship to become a chiropractor … but he didn’t abandon his philosophical quests. He applied them to a fundamental concern for people: how to be happy. Would that there were more philosopher-healers like Dr Yoder. —Douglas Wilson, Unitarian Universalist Minister and Executive Director of Rowe Camp and Conference Center.

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