Principle of One Power

Principle of One Power—Part 9

by William R. Yoder on February 13, 2010

Any feeling of unpeace—including anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hatred, or unhappiness—is always a reflection of an underlying belief in two powers. This belief in two powers may be expressed in many different ways: you versus another, you versus a body which you experience as sick or injured, you versus germs or viruses or pollution, you versus economic or political forces that seem to threaten you, you versus the world, or even you versus God. Or you may think of this conflict as some cosmic battle of good and evil, or of God and Satan. [click to continue…]

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Principle of One Power—Part 8

February 6, 2010

It may seem that it is always better to choose a both-and alternative over an either-or one. We strive to be inclusive rather than exclusive. But you cannot believe in only one power and at the same time in more than one power. When you perceive anything that is seemingly bad, you have to choose […]

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Principle of One Power—Part 7

January 30, 2010

Within a two-power or dualistic thought system, “good” means a conditional and limited good—a good that is co-defined with bad. “Good” means “not bad.” That is not the same good as the unconditional and non-relative good inherent in the principle of one power, a good beyond which there is nothing. If there really is only […]

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