Happiness and health

Happiness and health, part 3: Refusing to commit to a belief may be harmful to your health

July 4, 2010

My old friends are not negative people. So how could their way of thinking be unhealthy? We ended the last post with a question. I said that my old friends are not especially negative people. They’re not angry or judgmental or pessimistic. They are kind and loving people. So how does all of this apply […]

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Happiness and health, part 2: Healthy thinking

June 30, 2010

In the last post, I wondered why so many of my old friends from philosophy grad school had had so many health problems? Actually, what I really wanted to know was what could I learn from this so that I could better support my own good health? Healthy thinking How can we best contribute to […]

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Happiness and health, part 1: Why are so many of my old friends sick?

June 26, 2010

Can choosing a way of thinking based on happiness affect our health and healing? I think it definitely can, although there may also be other factors as well. What does it mean to base your way of thinking on happiness? What happened to all my old friends? Recently I received an e-mail from an old […]

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