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Healing quotes about healing

I wanted to end this series with some quotes about healing. These quotes use the language of religion to express what healing means from a one-power perspective. Both Joel Goldsmith and Ram Dass have been important teachers for me.

“In the same way if a member of your family were taken ill, you [from the perspective of one-power] would be compelled to sit by the person and say to yourself, ‘I will not believe in temporal power.  I will not give power to this disease (or this sin or this false appetite).’  As you sit there realizing, ‘This is temporal power, which is not power,’ you will find your relative (or friend or neighbor) getting better.  Then you will know that you have proven, if only in a small way, that temporal power in any form is not a power.  That is the key to healing.  It is the healing principle.  There is no other key.” (Goldsmith, Invisible Supply, p. 128-129)

“That is why no one ever dares take glory unto himself because of a healing, for no human being has ever brought about a healing—it was brought about by a divine state of spiritual being, which operates and can operate only through and as the consciousness of one who knows the nature of God and can therefore bring healing into visible manifestation.” (Goldsmith, Thunder of Silence, p. 28)

“Healing is not the same as curing, after all; healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God.” (Ram Dass, Still Here, p. 5)

It is important to remember, as I said in an earlier post, that there is no blame involved in suffering. Suffering is the state of mind we all start in at the beginning of our spiritual journeys. In fact, the spiritual journey can be thought of as the experiential journey from the illusion of suffering to the truth of love. To discover that my own mind plays a creative role in my experience of suffering is not a damning accusation. It is the promise of hope, the prospect of a life free from suffering. I learn that moving from “here” (the illusory here of my current experience of suffering) to “there” (the truth of love) is ultimately entirely under my control.

What is ultimately “healed” is the illusion that we are separate from Love.  What is healed is the illusion that there is anything real that is not of love. What is healed is the fear in our hearts that comes from believing in the illusion of two powers. And as we allow that healing to occur in our own hearts, it also extends to the hearts of others.

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