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General Instructions:

You can play any recording simply by clicking on the title.

If you would like to download a recording to your own computer, just right click on the title (Ctl click for Mac, I believe), and then choose “Save link…”

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Talks and presentations

Living Happiness From The Inside Out Talk given at Acacia Village, Frankfort, NY, 5/16/2013

Guided Meditations:

All of these meditations were recorded live during classes I taught on A Course in Miracles. Enjoy!

Being spirit

Being the openness

Eternal now

Golden Buddha

Levels of your being

Place in mind of perfect peace

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You might also like to read my series on The Principle of One Power (which is the foundation for the whole way of thinking in The Happy Mind. And it would be helpful to also look at the series on Two Powers, which is the way of thinking that blocks our natural happiness. And finally, the series on Forgiveness which is the key to shifting from unhappiness back to happiness.

Practical exercises:

Two very powerful practical exercises that can transform your life.  Living Your Best Day and How to Meditate.


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