Principle of One Power—Part 9

by William R. Yoder on February 13, 2010

Any feeling of unpeace—including anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hatred, or unhappiness—is always a reflection of an underlying belief in two powers. This belief in two powers may be expressed in many different ways: you versus another, you versus a body which you experience as sick or injured, you versus germs or viruses or pollution, you versus economic or political forces that seem to threaten you, you versus the world, or even you versus God. Or you may think of this conflict as some cosmic battle of good and evil, or of God and Satan.

When you choose to believe in two powers, you will imagine that you feel unpeace because of some real battle, whether you think of it as a battle between you and something else, or as a battle between some larger power for good and some larger power for bad. But the real cause of your experience of unpeace in any situation is ultimately your own belief in two powers.

What you feel is always a reflection of what thoughts you are thinking—what thoughts you are choosing to think.

If you are committed to believe that there is only one power, and that power is the infinite eternal creative potential for goodness and love, then you know there can never be any real reason to feel upset in any way. Even when you seem to experience evil or lack or suffering in yourself or others, you will choose to interpret it as only a temporary distortion of your perception. You will choose to respond with compassion and love, without fear or anger or hatred or despair. Peace is the reflection of the belief in one power.

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