Principle of One Power—Part 7

by William R. Yoder on January 30, 2010

Within a two-power or dualistic thought system, “good” means a conditional and limited good—a good that is co-defined with bad. “Good” means “not bad.” That is not the same good as the unconditional and non-relative good inherent in the principle of one power, a good beyond which there is nothing. If there really is only one power, then your belief in the reality of a limited relative “good” would effectively block you from experiencing the unconditional and non-relative good, would effectively block your awareness of the presence of perfect love.

Ultimately, whether or not there is some “what really is” apart from your beliefs and experiences—and that may be an unanswerable question—your beliefs do limit and define your experience. The “cost” of the belief in one power would be relinquishing your feelings of fear and guilt. The “cost” of your belief in two powers would be giving up the very possibility of experiencing perfect happiness. The question for you here is how do your beliefs limit and define your experience?

You have to choose to believe either in one power, OR in more than one power. These two choices are mutually exclusive. Moreover, you will always be making one of these choices, and your choice will be expressed in how you think about your current situation, how you experience it, and how you respond to it.

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