Living Happiness From the Inside Out, Part 11

by William R. Yoder on July 14, 2013

Step Two of the Three-Step Recovery Program: Forgiveness

Let go of ALL blame thoughts because NONE of them are true

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If the cause of your unhappiness now is always that you are blocking your happiness now, then the “solution” is to stop blocking it now. Forgiveness means letting go of all the thoughts and beliefs that block your self-awareness, that block your inner nature of happiness from expressing itself.

Forgiveness does NOT mean letting someone else off the hook for having upset you. Because that would only affirm that they did upset you in the first place. That definition of forgiveness comes from a deluded mind. And EVERYTHING that a deluded mind thinks and says and does only keeps the delusion alive.

Letting go of all blame thoughts because they are untrue

From the perspective of your deeper inner truth, forgiveness means actively and intentionally letting go of every thought of blame. Your blame thoughts are thoughts about how others and the world and your past have upset you or are upsetting you now. But NONE of those thoughts are true. You choose to let go of them precisely because you recognize that they are not true. You are not somehow “sacrificing” your right to blame. You are liberating yourself from a self-made illusion that keeps YOU unhappy.

In other words, forgiveness means letting go of your deluded story about what never happened in the first place. You simply stop blaming others for what they never did in the first place! You are letting go of your false thoughts of blame, and ALL of them are false.

What is “untrue” about blame thoughts is the blame part

It is important to remember that what we are discussing here is “what is the true cause of your upsetness, and how can you return to happiness?” In this context, it makes no difference what the other person “really” said or did. That means that ALL of your deluded self’s vigorous objections that  “it really happened!” are completely irrelevant.

Your real question is, “Why are you upset about it?”  To argue that “everyone” or “anyone” would have been upset in the same situation completely misses the point.  We are not talking about everyone or anyone—we are talking about YOU. What caused your upsetness in that situation?

And the answer will ALWAYS be: YOU were blocking your inner awareness of your truth. Because true peace and joy do not come “from” without, from the world, or from others’ words and action. Real happiness always comes from WITHIN—from your own inner self-awareness of your deepest truth.

True happiness cannot be limited or diminished or threatened by any external situation. So regardless of “what actually happened,” it did not and could not involve someone else taking away your happiness. And as long as you hold onto the belief that that could happen, you will continue to actively block your own inner self-awareness.

Forgiving everyone and everything

That means that you have to let go of ALL your blame thoughts about EVERYTHING, if you want to discover your inner truth of peace and joy. Any grudge or grievance, no matter how small and no matter how seemingly “justified,” is an implicit affirmation of your vulnerability and victimhood. An implicit affirmation of your belief that the cause of your happiness is outside of yourself.

So yes, it means FORGIVING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. That doesn’t mean that you condone everything, or that you sit by passively in the face of attack or abuse. But you can never blame your anger or your hurt feelings or your upsetness on anything outside of your mind now. Unless you take responsibility for your own feelings, you will just continue to make the illusion of victimhood for yourself.

We usually think of forgiveness as a gift we give to someone else. But forgiveness is actually a gift we give to ourselves. (To be continued …..)

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