Living Happiness From The Inside Out, part 9

by William R. Yoder on July 8, 2013

A Three-Step Recovery Program

Remember that your upsetness has nothing to do with the Truth

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Last time we talked about how we can shift from unhappiness back to happiness — how we can stop blocking our awareness of our inner nature, and begin allowing it to express itself.

Today we’ll start exploring what I call a “three-step recovery program.” It is very simple (although not always easy), and I have found that it always works to shift my feelings and perceptions from unhappiness to happiness.


1. Remember
2. Forgive
3. Love

Step One: Remember

The first step is to remember what upsetness actually means. To recognize that upsetness is ALWAYS the feedback signal of your own self-deception, and that it NEVER has anything to do with others or the world or the truth of  yourself. It ALWAYS reflects the fact that you are making up an untrue story about yourself and others and the world.

As long as you are lost in blaming others and the world and God and the past and the future for your unhappiness, you are actively keeping yourself unaware of the true cause of your unhappiness. Even when you occasionally happen to succeed in somehow changing the world, you cannot be truly happy as long as you believe that your happiness depends on the world. You will always be fearfully looking out at a potentially threatening world. And you will have to desperately keep doing your techniques and practices and affirmations.

This is not to say that all of those techniques and affirmations are bad. But any worldview based on the belief that your happiness is dependent on outer circumstances will necessarily make you unhappy. It will necessarily make you feel upset, and make  you perceive an upsetting world.

Only you can block your own self-awareness

If you are upset now, that means that you are blocking your self-awareness now. Regardless of what outside factor you may blame your unhappiness on (e.g., the past or the future or other people or world events), the true cause is that you are actively blocking your own happiness now. There is no-where and no-when else to look. And the very effort of looking else-where and else-when only keeps you deluded now.

If you blame any part of your unhappiness or upsetness on another person (“she made me upset”), or on the past or the future, or on external circumstance, you will continue to block your own happiness, and continue to make yourself upset. No one and no-thing has done or could possibly do anything to you to take away your happiness and peace of mind now. You and only you can determine your own self-awareness now.

Next time we’ll look at some helpful practical reminders.

(To be continued ….)


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