Living Happiness From The Inside Out, Part 7

by William R. Yoder on June 14, 2013


Upsetness and blame always go together

Upsetness, and blame

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We saw last time that being upset is a un-self-aware state of mind, a state of self-delusion. Upsetness is the feedback signal that you are un-self-aware. The feedback signal that you are actively blocking your experience of your inner peace and happiness in this moment. It is the feedback signal that your mind provides when it is not being allowed to be self-aware.

Upsetness has nothing to do with Truth

Your upsetness is NEVER based on true knowledge about yourself or others or the world. It has NOTHING to do with “what really happened,” or what others really did, or how the world really is.  Your upsetness is ALWAYS just a feedback signal that you are unaware of yourself. Your upsetness is a feedback signal of your own small self-concept, and  has nothing to do with Truth or Reality.

It is important to recognize here that we are talking about your upsetness, and not aboout what particular events actually happened. Your story about what events happened may be accurate (to whatever extend any story can be “accurate”). But regardless of what happened, your feelings of upsetness — unhappiness, lack of peace, lack of love — are a feedback signal that you yourself are somehow blocking your own inner nature from expressing itself. And that blockage has nothing to do with the world.

Upsetness means self-delusion. And the way to move from upsetness back to peace and joy is ALWAYS to stop deluding yourself.

But when you are upset, you will always think that the cause of your upsetness is somehow outside of your mind here and now—somehow in the world, in others, in the past, in the future.

Upsetness is always accompanied by blame

The real reason you are upset because you have moved out of or forgotten that place in your mind of perfect peace and joy and love. Your forgetting of your own truth IS experienced as unhappiness.

But precisely because you have forgotten your truth, you will always blame your upsetness on something outside of yourself. You believe that the reason you are upset is because someone in the world with did what they should not have done, or failed to do what they should have done. Or that something happened in the past that has ruined your happiness now (and the past is outside of your mind now). Or you are convinced that something “bad” will happen in your future ( future that is outside of your mind now), and so you feel unhappiness about the coming event now.

Both your unhappy feelings, and your perception of a world that makes you feel unhappy – both your upset feelings and your perceptions of an upsetting world — both of these are expressions and feedback signals of the same inner mistake. You have identified yourself with some small idea or story “about” you: a needy you dependent on outside forces for its happiness.

Upsetness is always accompanied by blame. If you are lost in your un-self-awareness, then you are upset and you are blaming the upsetness on something outside yourself.

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