Living Happiness From The Inside Out, part 5

by William R. Yoder on June 1, 2013

Happiness comes from inside

Happiness is an inside job

The INNER causes of happiness and unhappiness

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In the last post, we looked at an alternative way to think about happiness, by seeing how this alternative way would answer our three most important questions. Today we going to start looking at those answers in more detail.

 Answer 1: The cause of happiness is WITHIN as your own inner truth

The source of all of your feelings and experiences of perfect peace and love and joy is WITHIN.  It is your very truth and essence. It is what you ARE: you cannot lose it; it does not diminish over time; no one else can take it away from you.

Happiness IS your feedback signal that you are in touch with your inner truth, and that you are ALLOWING it to be expressed and experienced in your awareness.

Another way say this is that happiness is a “place” in your mind, rather than a condition in the world. That “happiness-place” is always present and available to you, since it is the very truth and essence of  your mind. Happiness is how you feel when you are in the “happiness-place” of your mind. And you perceive a joyful world when you see the world FROM that happiness-place.

Answer two: The source of unhappiness is your own inner blockage

Happiness is your own inner truth, is what you ARE. And that never changes. You cannot change the truth of what you are, and neither can anyone else.

But you can change whether you are aware of that truth, and whether you are expressing it in your life.

The cause of all of your experience of unhappiness is that you are somehow blocking your own awareness of what you are, somehow blocking the full expression of your inner truth.

Only you can block your own self-awareness of your truth. Your truth does not try to “hide.” And no one can reach inside you mind and turn off your self-awareness. If you are upset now, it is only because you yourself are somehow actively blocking your self-awareness and self-expression now—only because you yourself are somehow making yourself upset now.

The reason that you are unaware of your truth now is that you have made up a false idea of yourself, and have identified yourself with that idea. You are experiencing an untrue story “about” yourself in place of actually experiencing the living of your life.

Your unhappy or upset feelings—any feelings that are unpeaceful, unjoyful or unloving—are your feedback signal that you are unaware of your deeper truth. They are your feedback signal that you are blocking the expression of  your nature. Your upset feelings are NEVER feedback signals about the truth of yourself or about others and the world.

Your upset feelings have NOTHING to do with the truth of you, or the truth of others and the world. They are simply your own alarm system that you have become lost in an untrue story that you have made up.  (even though, as we will see, unhappy feeling always seem to be about something wrong in the world). Once you recognize this, your response to unhappy feelings and perceptions is always to go within and heal your awareness, rather than to try to somehow change and fix others and the world.

But how exactly do we block our own self-awareness and happiness? (To be continued …)

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