Living Happiness From the Inside Out, Part 1

by William R. Yoder on May 15, 2013

supreme happiness

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We are all looking for happiness

As you know if you have read any of my writings, I define the word “happiness” as the unity of perfect peace and absolute joy and unconditional love. I don’t think of these as three separate things, but rather as three expressions of the same state of being. And for simplicity,  I call that state of mind, “happiness.” So “happiness” for me means a whole lot more than being cheerful or being in a good mood or having fun. I’m not claiming that this is the “right” definition of happiness. But it is my definition. So as you read through these blog posts, every time you see the word “happiness,” think perfect peace-joy-love. If you have a word for that state of mind that you like better, please feel free to substitute it as you read.

Happiness, in the sense that I am defining it, is the purpose and motivation of everything we do, everything we choose, everything we strive for. We are looking for happiness for ourselves and others in everything we do. And far from being a selfish pursuit, cultivating our own happiness is the very foundation for offering it to others.  You can’t share what you don’t have. (And in this case, sharing it is exactly what enables you to recognize that you have it. But more on that later.)

Our starting point

We find ourselves in the midst of a life experience where we are sort of happy some of the time.  Some of us are more happy more of the time, and some less.

But regardless of where we start on the scale, we all want the same thing: to be more happy more of the time.

The 3 most important questions

Since we are all looking for more peace and love and joy all of the time, perhaps the most important questions we could ask ourselves are:

  1. What is source or cause of happiness? Where does happiness come from?
  2. What is source or cause of unhappiness? Where does unhappiness come from?
  3. When we are unhappy, how can we shift back to happiness?

You could say that the most important question is the third one: “how can we shift back to happiness?” Because when we are feeling happy, we don’t really care about these questions very much. But when we are unhappy, it is the third question that is very pressing.  But to answer that question, we first need to understand where happiness and unhappiness come from.

(To be continued ….)


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