Forgiveness: Our Gateway to Happiness, part 12

by William R. Yoder on July 11, 2011

Part 12 of 12: “You are the light of the world”

In your deepest truth, you are the light of the world

Being the light of the world is your only function

(Click here to read this series from the beginning.) A Course in Miracles says “You are the light of the world. That is your only function.” But as we saw in the last post, it also says that “forgiveness is your only function.” This might lead us to ask, just exactly what is your only function? What does forgiveness have to do with being the light of the world?

Unforgiving thoughts obscure your vision and block your own light

Your unforgiving thoughts of judgment and blame and attack block both your own vision of the light of Love, and block your expression of that light.

Forgiveness is what allows you to be the light of the world, to self-awarely be your truth.

You are the light of the world by seeing the truth

You are the light of the world by your own seeing of the truth, because your seeing the truth of love enables others to see it more clearly. If you are perceiving and responding to untruth, your life is reinforcing the illusion of darkness.

In this context, forgiveness can be understood as letting go of every idea that prevents you from seeing the universal truth of love, every thought that blocks your awareness of the presence of love. Then you see only the lovable. And you can proactively practice gratitude and appreciation, which is a conscious deliberate decision to focus on only the lovable.

You are the light of the world by being the truth

You are the light of the world by being loving, by being your deepest truth. When you live and express your truth as a being of love, you bring more light to the whole world. For instance, Jesus’ life of unconditional love enabled people to see through their illusions of guilt and separation, and to realize the one truth of love.

In this context, forgiveness could be understood as letting go of every reason to withhold unconditional love.

You are the light of the world by being happy

You are the light of the world by being happy.  Far from being merely selfish, being genuinely and deeply happy regardless of circumstances is how we teach love.  When we show that our happiness is invulnerable to what others do, we teach them their essential innocence.

In this context, forgiveness can be understood as undoing all of our erroneous reasons for being unhappy, all of our erroneous ideas that block our happiness.

Forgiveness is the key to your self-made prison

Unhappiness gives rise to unhappy experiences of blame, guilt and victimhood, which only reinforce the unhappiness: a self-deceptive vicious cycle of blame, guilt and victimhood. Forgiveness is the key to that self-made prison.

You are not letting go of “true” judgments. You are only letting go of your own self-deceptive thoughts.

Forgiveness is freedom

Forgiveness is freedom: freedom from self-deception, and freedom to discover your truth. And awareness of your truth is happiness.

Forgiveness frees you from fear and anger and judgment, and frees you for unconditional love (and to be loving is to be happy). Forgiveness frees you from your self-deceptive thoughts of others, and frees you for seeing the truth of the other as a be-ing of love.

You are the primary beneficiary of your forgiveness

You are the primary beneficiary of your forgiveness. Being angry or holding a grudge is always a mistake for you, regardless of whether you believe the other “deserves” it or not.

You are the light of the world

You are the light of the world. You are the self-aware realization of love’s promise. And forgiveness is how you remember and reclaim your truth.

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