Forgiveness: Our Gateway to Happiness, part 10

by William R. Yoder on July 5, 2011

Part 10 of 12: Self-forgiveness

Forgive everyone, including yourself

Forgiveness includes self-forgiveness

(Click here to read this series from the beginning.) It is important to remember that forgiveness includes self-forgiveness. Feeling guilty or ashamed is simply another form of blame. Blaming others and blaming yourself are two expressions of the belief in two-powers, in guilt and victimhood. It is not noble and good to carry around shame and guilt. It is self-deceptive, and blocks your awareness of love and happiness.

Your past exists now only as your story of the past

If you feel guilty and unhappy now, it is because you are now blocking your awareness of your happiness.  It has nothing to do with the past. The past does not exist now except in form of your story of the past. If you are feeling ashamed or guilty now about something in the past, it is only because you are telling yourself a shameful guilty story now.

Letting go of your mistaken story about your illusory guilt

Forgiveness is just letting go of your mistaken story about your illusory guilt.  Letting go of another self-deception.

Cannot forgive others until you forgive yourself

You cannot fully forgive anyone until you fully forgive everyone (including yourself). Any blame at all (including self-blame) is an affirmation of the reality of separation, an affirmation that there is something real besides Love, an affirmation of two powers.

Love is within you as your truth

The one-power idea of forgiveness is based on a belief choice that we are not separate from the source of our happiness and our good. It is based on the idea that the source of our good and our happiness—i.e., Love—is within us as our very truth and essence.

You forgive because it’s true

A Course in Miracles says that we forgive not because we “should” or because it’s “the right thing to do,” but because it’s true. We are in our truth be-ings of love, and fundamentally innocent and invulnerable. What is invulnerable is our inner peace, our inner joy. No one and nothing outside of ourselves can take than away from us.  (To be continued …)

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