Fear of the Unknown: Part 3

by William R. Yoder on March 19, 2011

Read all about it! There's another choice!

The belief in one-power

Good news! There’s another choice.

(Click here to read this series from beginning) The good news is that there is another possible belief choice.  This is the core belief of one-power. I’ve discussed this in detail in an earlier series of posts.  But basically the principle of one-power says that there is only one power, one cause, one source.  And that power is love, the infinite eternal creative potential for ever-expanding well-being. Beyond love, there is nothing—no second power for un-well-being. Moreover, you are an expression of love (because love, after all it is the only cause). That means that you are not separate from the source of all your good. The source of all your good is within you—it is the eternal truth and essence of you.

Fear is the illusion of the absence of love

From this perspective, there is nothing to fear. The only power that is at all is a power for your own well-being. There is no power working against you. And since the power for your well-being is within you as your very source, nothing can come between you and your good. Fear is only the illusion of the absence of love.

Love offers only well-being

Love offers only the possibility of healing and happiness and well-being. That is the very nature of love:  to eternally offer ever-expanding well-being. But this is only a possibility, a creative potential. You have to realize it in your own life. Your own mind has to positively allow it to come to expression in your experience. You literally co-create your own experience of well-being.

You allow love simply by not blocking it

You allow your mind to realize and experience well-being simply by not blocking it from your awareness. This means by not thinking the kinds of thoughts that block the expression of your inner truth. Meditation can be very helpful is suspending of your thoughts—disengaging from your thoughts, and not identifying yourself as the thinker of your thoughts. But there will still be times in your life when you are thinking. And at those times, it is essential that you choose a core belief that will give rise to thoughts that allow you to experience your inner truth.

Peace is the gateway to happiness

Fear and unpeace of any kind will block your awareness of your inner truth. That means that a core belief in two powers will necessarily block your awareness of the presence of love.

Alternatively, a belief in one-power undoes the very foundation of fear and negative emotions, and allows the mind to be a peace with itself. That peacefulness is the doorway to becoming aware of the presence of love.  And happiness is how you feel when you are aware of the presence of love.

But what’s all this have to do with the “unknown”?  To be continued ….

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