The belief in two powers: Part 1

by William R. Yoder on March 2, 2011

One power, two powers

Not one power, but two!

Time to talk about two powers

I’ve talked a lot about what I call the belief in one-power.  It’s the foundational core belief for my whole way of thinking.  I’ve even written a long series of posts about it.

But I haven’t yet devoted a post to explaining the other possible core belief: the belief in two-powers. That is the core belief that we all simply inherit from our culture. That’s the core belief that is the ultimate cause of every feeling and experience of fear, unpeace, conflict and unhappiness.

I’ve spent most of my post trying to explain the alternative belief in one-power, and how that can transform everything we feel and experience. Focusing on where we want to go, rather than on where we are coming from.

But it’s also important to clarify what it is that we’re already believing and doing that isn’t working out so well. So here is a post about the belief in two powers.

Remember the principle of one power …

As you know from many of my earlier posts, the principle or core belief of one-power is as follows: there is only one power, and that power is love. And here, love means the infinite eternal creative potential for ever-expanding well-being. Beyond love, there is nothing. You yourself are not something separate from love.  You are a creative expression of love. In your truth, you are a be-ing of love. That means that the source of all of your good (which can only be love, since love is the only power and only source) is not separate from you. The source of all your good is within you as your very truth. So you don’t have to get or achieve or earn your good—ultimately you have only to allow it to express itself in your experience.

All this means that healing and happiness, peace and love, well-being in every area of our lives is our nature. And it is up to us to either realize (that means allow) it or not.

The belief in two powers

But this belief in one-power is not where we typically start in our journey of awakening. In fact, the whole process of self-awakening involves undoing an erroneous way of thinking that is based on a core belief that is just the opposite of the belief in one-power.

This opposite core belief is what I call “the belief in two powers.” The belief in two powers can be stated in one of two ways—and both ultimately say the same thing. To be continued ….

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