Asking for inner guidance, part 3: Removing the obstacles to our awareness of love

by William R. Yoder on September 12, 2010

What blocks our experience of peace and joy?

(To read this series from the beginning, click here) The only thing that prevents us from experiencing our truth of peace and joy is our own mistaken resistance, which is based on our own mistaken ideas of ourselves as separate and needy, fearful and struggling.  But we can always access that deeper truth to the exact extent we are willing to let go of our mistaken ideas.

Sincerely and trustingly asking for guidance from the “higher power” of our deeper self is how we can let go of our little mistaken ideas of who we are. Being willing to take the reins of our lives away from our frightened and self-righteous egos, and turn them over to our deeper truth that we have temporarily lost sight of. And that takes a bit of faith and trust, precisely because we have lost sight of it.

Losing sight of the truth of love

Any time we’re lost in fear and anger and unpeacefulness, we have lost sight of our truth. And in that moment, we can’t reason our way back to truth, because our frightened thought system is based on a core belief in two-powers (what A Course in Miracles call the belief in  separation).  That belief that denies the truth of love and blocks our awareness of it. So our reasoning just goes round and round in a circle, and we again and again re-affirm why we are right, and why we have been unfairly treated, and why the other person is wrong. And why we are completely justified in being angry and judgmental.

In Buddhism this situation is called “the endless wheel of suffering.” As long as you stay within that way of thinking, there’s no way out of the cycle. To get out of that cycle, you basically have to quit being “you”—that means, you have to quit identifying with that idea of “you” which is making the cycle in the first place.

Forgiveness as the first step in remembering

One of the first steps here is forgiveness—letting go of the blame and the judgments. You’re not saying what the other person said or did was “right.” You’re just letting go of your story that they are “wrong”—letting go of your story that they are to blame for your unhappiness and upsetness, for your experience of un-well-being. Ultimately, it’s just your own small idea of yourself that has blinded you to your truth and has given rise to your misperceptions of struggle and lack and suffering.

It is important to note that you’re not repressing or denying your feelings of unhappiness and fear—you’re simply letting go of the story that something outside yourself “made” you feel this way. This is what I refer to in The Happy Mind as “just don’t add anything.”

Can you get here from there?

But what to do next? Well, as long as you’re living in the perspective of that small idea of “you,” you can’t possibly figure that out. As they say, you can’t get there from here. (Or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that you can’t get to the truth of here from the illusory “there” that you made up.) That small “you” needs help. And turning to a higher or deeper source of wisdom—“higher” or “deeper” than that small idea of “you”—is how you can open yourself to break the vicious cycle of the unhappy ego. It doesn’t really matter what you call that higher source—God or Jesus or Buddha or Holy Spirit or Great Spirit or Mother Earth. It matters only that you are willing surrender yourself to a deeper inner source of guidance and inspiration.

You will receive guidance and inspiration to the exact extent that you surrender to it. Again, from the perspective of one power, that inner knowing, that inner self-awareness of the truth of love, is the only truth of every moment. There is no other truth. And there is no other power acting against that truth. There is only love. That what the principle of one power means: beyond love there is nothing.

But how do we know if we have received inner guidance?  To be continued …

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