Asking for inner guidance, part 2: Turning to a “higher power”

by William R. Yoder on September 10, 2010

Turning the problem over to a higher power

(To read this series from the beginning, click here) So when I simply didn’t know what to do, I turned my “problem” over to a higher power, including all of my concerns about how I should respond to that problem. In my mental dialogue with that higher power, I confessed that I didn’t know whether I should respond at all, and if so, how I could respond in a loving way that was in the best interests of everyone concerned. I asked that the higher power would let me know in a very clear way if I was to respond, and would provide clear unmistakable guidance about what I should say if I did respond. And then I just let it go, in the complete trust that I would be “told” what to do (if there was anything for me to do at all). And at that moment, I felt absolute peace.

Discovering peace

And since that dialogue with my higher power, I have continued to feel complete peace about that person and the whole situation. I didn’t come up with a new story that made everything she did somehow “right.” I simply am not obsessed with “getting even” or “setting her straight” or “telling her the truth.” It all just turned into a non-issue, and I don’t feel the need to do anything about it. And most importantly, I don’t feel the upsetness and the lack of peace.

And I believe that even if I had been inspired by that higher power to respond in some way, I would have still felt this sense of peace. Because the response would not have come from me trying to defend my ego. The very idea that you have to defend your ego reflects an unpeaceful and fearful state of mind.

Is inner guidance always available?

So, is inner guidance always available? And does it always bring peace? I believe that the answer to both of these questions is an unconditional “yes.”

From the perspective of the principle of one power, the truth of every situation is perfect peace and joy. The only time we feel upset—when we feel we are facing a “problem” that we need guidance about—is when we have forgotten our truth as be-ings of love. When we have begun to believe that we are separate and needy, and that we can be threatened and unfairly treated.

It is in those moments that we need to “turn to a higher power.”  We need to re-connect with our deeper truth—the truth that our small idea of ourselves has temporarily hidden from view. We need to remember what we have forgotten. We need to ask and trust that the deeper truth of ourselves can and will reach through our forgetfulness and help us to remember.

Inner guidance is the truth of every situation

And will that always happen? Or perhaps we should ask, can that always happen?  From the perspective of one-power, that deeper truth of us is the only truth of us. That means that the possibility of healing and inner guidance is always present—in fact, it is the only possibility that is truly present at all. And there is no second power that is actively trying to somehow blind us, or actively working against our experience of perfect peace and joy. Moreover, since the one-power is love, it does not hold anything back—in its own nature, love shares itself and that’s all it does. And so yes, the guidance can always happen. And it will always happen unless we actively block it. But how can we open ourselves to it?  To be continued ….

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