Happiness and health, part 4: "No choice" is also a choice

by William R. Yoder on July 7, 2010


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Jack Pendrak July 7, 2010 at 10:34 pm

Thank you for these posts. Your observation that at any moment we are choosing either one power or two powers is helpful. It means that if we find that we have slipped into “two power” consciousness, we can always decide to change. There is no need for drama or guilt.


William R. Yoder July 10, 2010 at 11:20 am

Thanks for your comment Jack,
At this point on our journey, we seem to vacillate between one-power and two-power thinking. In one moment, I’m living one-power thinking, and in the next I find myself back in two-power thought. Or in one area of my life, I experience everything from the perspective of one power, while another area of my life seems filled with conflict and fear. At any given time, you know whether you are in one-power or two-power thought by how you are feeling. Peaceful and happy reflects one-power thought; unpeaceful and unhappy reflects two-power thought.
When we find ourselves feeling unpeaceful and unhappy–i.e., in the midst of two-power thought–guilt and blame and drama are a total waste of time. In fact, guilt and blame and drama are simply further affirmations of a belief in two powers. When you find yourself in the midst of two-power thought, the only thing really worth doing, worth spending any time on at all nis to shift back to one-power thought. To remember the truth of who you are, to remember your eternal connection with Love. That’s the ultimate solution to any “problem” or upset. Anything else is merely marking time until you get around to making that fundamental shift of your mind.
Emmanuel (via Pat Rodegast) said that “We come to walk in dappled light.” I think that Emmanuel meant that the reason we enter human/earth consciousness is to walk of path of forgetting and remembering. Because not only is there great joy in remembering after a period of forgetting, but every time you remember (and re-remember and re-remember) your knowledge is deeper and stronger. And that means that your joy and your compassion become deeper and stronger as you grow in self-awareness toward the ever-expanding Love that is you.


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