Living the happiness principles, part 8: You learn what you teach

by William R. Yoder on May 22, 2010

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To learn happiness, you have to teach it. You have to live it and demonstrate it at every opportunity. And every moment is an opportunity.

Even the little things count

The two-power belief is a sneaky thing. And some of the forms of resistance and fear seem almost insignificant. But they all count in some way.

Sometimes resistance shows up in little and seemingly innocuous ways. The other day, for instance, I got out of bed moaning, “Oh God it’s Monday again.” That seems harmless enough, doesn’t it? Everyone does that, so what’s the big deal? But I recognized that even voicing that complaint aloud (in my long-suffering Monday-morning  tone of voice) was effectively affirming a belief in two powers, a belief that life was a struggle against all sorts of forces and situations that were obstacles to my happiness.

So no matter how much I wrote about happiness and the principle of one-power, and no matter how much I gave helpful advice to my patients, I was in that moment effectively affirming the belief in two powers for myself. My words, my tone of voice, my facial expression, my posture all shouted out how tough life really was—all shouted out that my story of a tough life was really “true.”

What are you affirming with your life choices now?

Fortunately I recognized what I was doing right after I said it. And so I backed off, and said something that was more in line with the beliefs I want to affirm in my life, more in line with the seven principles of happiness. And I did my very best to say it in a tone of voice, and with a facial expressions and a posture that indicated I really meant it. (Mindless and insincere affirmations actually affirm your disbelief rather than your belief.)

And I really think that this is just as important a way—if indeed not a more important way—of affirming my belief in one power as all my verbal affirmations of the happiness principles. For years and years I have subconsciously affirmed my underlying belief in two powers. So it may take some deliberate practice to make a belief in one power firm in my mind. And I know that until the belief in one power is completely firm in my mind, perfect happiness is simply impossible. Because a two-power belief system necessarily introduces fear and conflict into the very fabric of awareness. And you can’t have happy and loving experiences from an unhappy and unpeaceful state of mind.

I try to ask myself moment to moment, “How would someone who truly believed in the principle of one power and the other principles of happiness—how would they think and speak and act in this situation now?” Because  what I affirm with my actual life choices is what determines the real openness of my mind to the presence of love—the openness of my mind to the possibility of perfect peace and joy.

You learn what you teach

“Teach” means what you live and demonstrate with everything you think and say and do. You are teaching all the time. And you are teaching yourself as much as you are teaching others.

You truly learn these principles only by living them, because living them changes your awareness, changes your openness to the presence of love, and thus changes your perceptions of yourself and others and the world.

Are you an example or a warning?

And living these principles also changes how you influence others. Confucius once said that “Everyone is your teacher, because everyone is either an example or a warning.”

What are you being for others? What are you being for yourself?

Just choose again

Are you being an example or a warning now? Even if there is no one around to witness you, are you being an example or a warning now? If you’re happy about how you are being now and what you are teaching, then keep it up! If not, then simply chose again. Don’t bother with all of the guilt and self-pity melodrama. Love is the infinite eternal creative power for ever-expanding well-being. So the past doesn’t really limit the present or the future. If you’re in the midst of being a warning, then just simply choose again. No harm, no loss, no foul – just choose again.

Infinite grace and blessing is being offered to you in every moment.
That offering-forth is the truth of reality.
So just choose again.

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