Living the happiness principles, part 7: How good can you stand it?

by William R. Yoder on May 19, 2010

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How good can you stand it?

In one of his recorded lectures, Arnold Patent discussed the relationship between our beliefs and what we manifest or experience in our lives. He said, “Look around you. That is as good as you can stand it.” You know the extent that you are allowing one-power or love to manifest in your awareness by what you actually experience.

Your trust in love is your receptivity to experience love,
your receptivity to manifest the infinite eternal creative power for well-being.

Removing the obstacles to your awareness of love’s presence

We have discussed at length how the one-power core belief can undo the restrictions caused by your belief in two powers. In the language of A Course in Miracles, the belief in one power can remove the obstacles to your awareness of the presence of love. It can positively open your mind to realize the possibilities of love and happiness that are eternally offered in every moment. And remember that from the perspective of one-power, those are the only possibilities that are truly offered.

But this shift of experience involves more than just intellectually embracing a new belief—you actually have to live that belief. If you want your life experience to change—how good can you stand it?—then you must act in the face of your fears and insecurities. You must say with your life choices that you don’t really believe in two powers, you don’t really believe in fears and limitations. You must say with your facial expression and posture and words and actions that you believe that love and only love—the infinite eternal creative power for ever-expanding well-being—is real.  That way of living is how you open your mind to the very possibility of perfect peace and perfect happiness.

Labels don’t really matter

It really doesn’t matter what names and labels you use: “one-power,” “God,” “the Tao,” “the Great Spirit,” “Love.” What matters is that you live with forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude, trust, acceptance, compassion, love.

You’re not being a “bad” person if you don’t live that way. But you are restricting your own ability to be aware of love—your own ability to experience true happiness. In a sense, you’re just wasting your time.

Choose again … and again … and again

And as we discussed in a previous post, you live with forgiveness and appreciation and love in whatever situation or circumstances you find yourself in. You live that way now … and now … and now. And if you should find yourself doing something else, then simply choose again. Don’t waste your time making up a whole story about what a failure you are—just choose again. Turn your full attention into expressing your truth and being what you want to be now. How good can you stand it? How much love are you willing to allow yourself to experience?

A joyful trusting way of living will be reflected as joyful life experience.
Perfect loving is what enables you to discover and experience the perfectly lovable.

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