Living the happiness principles, part 6: Just go for it!

by William R. Yoder on May 15, 2010

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Not yet …

Are you ready to allow perfect happiness?  Not yet ….

In the movie Waking Life, a story is told about how God is eternally offering humans only perfect grace. All we have to do is to accept it and receive it. But each of us keeps saying, “Not yet,” and so we only experience a limited amount of grace and blessing in our lives, a limited amount of happiness—we experience good intermixed with bad.  And the story says that time—i.e., each individual’s experience of time—is the total collection of all his “not yets.”

You don’t change the truth of love or the truth of yourself—which is ultimately one and the same truth—by your“not yets,” by your restrictions on your awareness of the presence of love. But you do change your experience of your life—you do change your experience of co-creatively realizing love in your life experience. In effect, you make an on-going experience of “not yet experiencing perfect love and well-being.” You make the experience of a long journey of struggle and suffering and fear as you patiently wait for some kind of “enlightenment” to somehow happen to you.

Merely wasting time

In terms of our seven principles of happiness, when I don’t actually live the principle of one power, I am merely wasting my time. Or in the terms of our current discussion, whenever I let fear hold me back from following my heart and pursuing my dreams, I am merely wasting time. One-power or love eternally offers me the possibility of perfect peace and joy, perfect fulfillment. No matter how many times I say “Not yet,” no matter how many times I stop in the face of fear, the possibility of perfect peace and joy continues to be offered. That possibility is not diminished in the least by my past choices, so I don’t have to be afraid of making a mistake.  The possibility of perfect well-being is offered fully and completely in every now. My choices do not affect the truth of love. At worst, they simply delay my awareness and experience of that truth.

Do something, do anything!

So I am learning to not give into fear, to not let my fears and insecurities stop me from moving ahead, from moving toward realizing my authentic dreams, from co-creating my authentic life experience. And even when I’m not sure exactly what to do, simply deciding and doing something is an implicit affirmation of my belief in one power, my belief in the eternal possibility of ever-expanding well-being. (On the other hand, fearfully avoiding decision and action is an implicit affirmation of a belief in two powers, a belief in limitation and lack and threat and fear.)

So sometimes it may be as simple as “Just do something, anything!!”
And then you will discover that your fear is only an empty room.

Of course sometimes it may be wise or prudent to think about what most appropriate to do next—I’m not suggesting that you be thoughtless and careless. But insofar as you are creating (or co-creating) your life, there is an element of newness and unknowness. That means that you’re not always able to figure everything out in advance, since all of your figuring is based on your past experience. But the point is that you don’t simply stop moving toward your dream because of fear, hoping that the fear will just magically disappear.

If fear is the emotional reflection of an underlying belief in two powers,
the best response to fear is to live your trust in the principle of one power.

The worst that can happen is that you make a mistake, learn from it, and then do it better. But no mistake can change the eternal truth of love, the eternal offering of the possibility of perfect joy and peace, perfect creative fulfillment.

No mistake can stop or derail your on-going creative journey, your on-going realization of the possibilities offered by love.

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